Getting up to speed

One of the problems with the latest release of ModelConverterX is that the preview image can be a bit slow when a big model is loaded. And with a bit slow I mean that it can take a second or so to update while you are rotating around. This is a bit annoying to say the least.

So solving this problem was quite high on my todo list and today I decided to take a look at it. The good news is that the preview works a lot faster now, I just had to optimize the OpenGL code used a bit more. I have now made use of draw lists and vertex arrays and that gave a big boost to the performance. Now even with the most complex default models I could find, rotating around and running the animations goes smooth. So the leason learned for today is that it is very easy to slow your graphics down by just sending unoptimized code to the graphics card. And in the next release you will also be able to enjoy this improvement.

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