Public transport

First, sorry for this rant, but at the moment I am just to annoyed by it.

Since a few moments the public transport company of Amsterdam already decided to make it more difficult for me to get to work. They are renovating some stations, including the one I have to depart from. To make that work easier they decided to cancel half of the metros (including the one I have to take of course), forcing me to change metros at another station.

That alone is something that I have to accept of course, but this week it seems they are really messing things up. There hasn’t been a day yet this week that the metros that are still running didn’t have an extra delay or one of them was cancelled as well. So I am getting used now to spend quite long every morning on the platform, hoping that a metro will arrive soon.

Would this be their revenge for the fact that I bought a car recently? Who knows, at least I am counting down the days that I still have to travel by metro to work every day. Soon I will be joining the traffic jam on the highway in the morning…

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