Export of animations

Although the functionality to automatically generate lower polygon models for the LOD is not finished yet, I still have to add functionality to preserve materials and mappings better, I have decided to move over to another big thing on my ModelConverterX todo list. The main reason for this is that I need that other functionality more at the moment for some objects I want to convert.

What I am working on now is exporting of animations. In the preview it is already possible to show the animations of imported FSX MDL files, but it would be much more useful if they could also be exported from the tool. That would also open the possibility to convert the animations that might be contained in API macros that you are converting.

The bad news for me is that I found out the internal model I use to store the object in needs some modification to work more efficiently with animations. So at the moment I am working on that. After that I hope to add some new features again. With animation support in there as well, I have finished all of the main new features I planned for version 1.0 of ModelConverterX. Some features still need to polished a bit more, but I feel a new release to the general public is not very far away anymore.

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