We almost got a release candidate

I almost finished the release candidate for ModelConverterX 1.0. I have decided to stop trying to make the LOD Creator more complex (and hopefully better) for the moment. There are some mathematical challanges in that, which I will take on again later. But compared to version 0.55 so many things have been improved already now that a new release is deserved. So at the moment I am doing some final checks with my collection of test objects to see if no new bugs have slipped in. After that I will start updating the user manual. I hope to finish those … Continue reading We almost got a release candidate

Time for an update

It has been a while since I wrote on this blog, other things kept me a bit too busy lately. So it is time for an update! I am still working on the next release of ModelConverterX. I had hoped to have the version 1.0 release ready by now, but the last few bits seem to take slightly longer than planned. The only main feature I am still working on is the LOD Creator one. I want to add functionality that considers the texture mapping of the object as well. This however means I have to update my matrix inverse … Continue reading Time for an update

Converting SCASM animations

This week I made some good progress on ModelConverterX again. The ability to convert animations from SCASM macros was on my wishlist for a long time already and I have now taken the first steps. Animations that are defined with a SCASM TransformCall command are supported. For these animations you specify for each axis which timer should drive the rotation around it. Other types of SCASM animations are not yet supported, but I will try to add them as well once I come across good samples to do so. So after this version is release, please report any problem you … Continue reading Converting SCASM animations