FSX material settings

Over the last days I have been working on extending the material settings supported by ModelConverterX. I have now come to the point that all of the specific settings that you can make with a FlightSimX material can be edited with ModelConverterX as welll. If you download the latest development build you can try it out. Adding this function has two main benefits. First it is possible to make more accurate settings for the material when converting API macros. For example the options for constant lighting or no shadows can be enabled now. The second benefit is that the material … Continue reading FSX material settings


Until now I was mainly using fGIS when I wanted to view or edit shapefiles, but since a year or two the updates to fGIS are no longer publicly available due to some license issue. Last week I bought an interesting book about opensource GIS and it brought the QGIS application to my attention again. I had tried an earlier build of this application some time ago, but then I found it more difficult to use than fGIS. Now I tried a more recent build and I am impressed, it is a really powerfull application and quite easy to use. … Continue reading QGIS

Animations with more than 1024 frames

It is about three years ago that I figured out how to make animations with more than 1024 frames for FS2004. But until now the only explanation other developers had on how this works was this quick forum post I made. I admit it is a bit late, but I have finally finished the tutorial that explains the process in a more detail. I also try to explain how the animations work, hopefully it makes sense. A bit thanks to all the forum users who kept asking questions about this, that is what made sure I finished the tutorial by … Continue reading Animations with more than 1024 frames

Wavefront OBJ

One of the new features I have started working on since the release of ModelConverterX 1.0 is adding support for the Wavefront OBJ format. One of the reasons for this is that we use it at work for some files and I would like to try the LOD Creator functionality on those. But I think it could also be an alternative to the 3DS format for some people who try to import their old work into other tools. The 3DS format has some annoying limitations, like texture names having the 8.3 DOS naming convention. At the moment it seems to … Continue reading Wavefront OBJ

FSDeveloper not reachable

At the moment the FSDeveloper site seems not reachable. I have asked the webhost to look at this problem, so hopefully the site is up again soon. EDIT: By now the problem is solved and the site is up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.