Wavefront OBJ

One of the new features I have started working on since the release of ModelConverterX 1.0 is adding support for the Wavefront OBJ format. One of the reasons for this is that we use it at work for some files and I would like to try the LOD Creator functionality on those. But I think it could also be an alternative to the 3DS format for some people who try to import their old work into other tools. The 3DS format has some annoying limitations, like texture names having the 8.3 DOS naming convention. At the moment it seems to me that the OBJ format has less of such limitations.

In the current development build of ModelConverterX the OBJ reader is already implemented and until now it seems to work well on all test objects I have found until now. At the moment I am programming the OBJ writer, so this should be available for testing soon as well.

At first the writer will only support the object geometry, I will have to see if I can implement advanced features like animations or attachpoints. I will do some more study on the format for that later.

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