International Flight Simulation Consortium

You might have read about the International Flight Simulation Consortium on the internet already, for example at Avsim or Francois Dumas’ blog. I don’t so much to add to what has been said there already, except that I was also present at the meeting and that FSDeveloper is thereby involved in the initiative. Once there is more news to report I’ll certainly do so.

Using my own tool

In the last week I did not do so much development on the ModelConverterX tool. The main reason for that was that I was actually using the tool myself. In the NL2000 project we have a collection of hundreds API macros that are positioned through the entire country of the Netherlands. It would be a lot of work to replace all of these objects, which we have build in the 10 years that the team exists, with new GMax made objects in the FSX MDL format. So therefore I have used the ModelConverterX tool to convert them all. While working … Continue reading Using my own tool

NL2000 GMax course

On July 4th 2009 the Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design Team will be organising a one day GMax course. The aim of this course is to let new developers who might be interested in designing their own scenery as a part of the NL2000 team try for a day, with the guidance of the current team members. There is no obligation to join afterwards, although we would be happy with some extra members to build more objects. So if you are interested, have a look at the NL2000 website for more details. Oh and maybe it is good to mention that … Continue reading NL2000 GMax course

Oops a bug

In the most recent development build of ModelConverterX a nasty bug has been fixed, so if you have downloaded it a few days ago, please update again. There was a bug in the FSX materials, which I updated about a week ago. Due to this bug all your objects will appear black in FSX. With the most recent version things show up with the correct colours and textures again.

FSDeveloper downtime

In the last few weeks the FSDeveloper has been down twice for a few hours. This is not something that should happen so frequently, so we are going to investigate where the problem is. During this process I also plan to do an upgrade of the forum software. I will make an announcement when I know when these activities will be performed, as they will result in a little downtime as well.

Back home from Canada again

This morning I came home from my bussiness trip to Canada, so currently I still have a small jetlag. But that is not the reason of this blog post, I have made available all the changes I made to ModelConverterX in a new development build now. This new build includes the features I blog about before. The main changes are: Added beginning of a FS2004 scenery MDL reader. Currently only the geometry and materials will be read correctly, but I am working on transformations and more advanced features already. The improved material editor GUI. Fixed problems with reading 32 bit … Continue reading Back home from Canada again

Importing a FS2004 scenery MDL

I have started on another ModelConverterX feature that has been on my wishlist for a long time already now. This feature is the ability to import FS2004 MDL objects as well. At the moment only FSX MDL files can be imported. In the last day I have made the basics of the FS2004 MDL reader and the good news is that I can read simple MDL files with only geometry and textures fine now. I still need to test the code with more complex objects, but I am sure that those are not working yet. Once this feature is fully … Continue reading Importing a FS2004 scenery MDL

A new Material Editor GUI

Before I already wrote that I was working on adding more of the FSX specific options to the ModelConverterX materials. This is almost done, only adding good descriptions for in the Material Editor description area is not completely done. But while working on this, I decided that the whole Material Editor GUI could use a small update. Below you see the new interface: The biggest is that the panel can be resized more easily. For example you can now decide yourself how big you want the left or right column of it. So if you many want to look at … Continue reading A new Material Editor GUI

MVP for another year

Today I got the message that I have received the MVP award again, so I will be MVP for another year. Of course it is a nice reward for the community work done in the previous year, but still it feels a bit weird since the ACES team has been dissolved. So I guess for the next year I’ll be a MVP without a product team to interact with.