Importing a FS2004 scenery MDL

I have started on another ModelConverterX feature that has been on my wishlist for a long time already now. This feature is the ability to import FS2004 MDL objects as well. At the moment only FSX MDL files can be imported. In the last day I have made the basics of the FS2004 MDL reader and the good news is that I can read simple MDL files with only geometry and textures fine now. I still need to test the code with more complex objects, but I am sure that those are not working yet.

Once this feature is fully working I would open the possibility to export FS2004 MDL files to FSX MDL files and other formats like OpenFlight and 3DS. I think this will be useful. One thing I should note is that currently I am working on the FS2004 scenery MDL files. In FS2004 aircraft MDL files have a different structure, so these will not work directly. But I think it should be relatively easy to adjust the reader afterwards so that it also supports these. But that is something for later, let me first get the scenery import working correctly.

One thought on “Importing a FS2004 scenery MDL

  1. That is a very good news, i working on a scenary mission for fsx and i have to convert 6 beautifull WW2 carrier in fsx mdl format thank for the converter you made !

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