Object report

I have added another new feature to ModelConverterX that was on my wishlist for a while already, this is the feature to generate a HTML report of the objects loaded. This can be good for reference or to know which files are used and should be included in your distribution. For more details see this forum post. I am considering to generate such reports for all the default object libraries in FSX as well, that would be a good reference of the objects that are available. These could then be hosted on FSDeveloper.

Managed SimConnect Client SDK

Tim Gregson (or Beatle) has released a beta version of a new managed SimConnect client SDK a few days ago, check out his blog for all the details. He has also posted some details about the usage in another post already. For those that are using SimConnect a lot in their applications I think this is an interesting development to follow. And a big thanks to Tim for releasing this work of course.

Material highlighting (and more)

I have made some changes to ModelConverterX that should make it easier to tweak or analyze models. The changes are that some of the forms are no longer modal and that you can highlight the selected material in the preview. For all details, please see this forum post.


Today I have been working a bit more on ModelConverterX. More specific on reading attachpoints for FS2004 scenery MDL files (for FSX files it was working already). While doing so I also took at a look at attached library objects, since their code is relatively similar I was able to add support for that type of attachpoint as well. So now the FS2004 and FSX MDL readers can both read attached effects and library objects. I have also updated the Wiki pages describing the MDL format with the new information I learned. In the remainder of this week I plan … Continue reading Attachpoints

Moving status #4

Since a few days FSDeveloper is running on the new server now and this are going well. The new server seems to be faster than the old one for most users. Today we have made two additional changes: We have updated the style used. On the forum I explain the reasons behind this change. The download section has a new user interface, it is less fancy but probably more user friendly. Once again the details are on the forum. With this the moving of the FSDeveloper website is almost down, the only item still on our list is to improve … Continue reading Moving status #4

Moving status #3

We have pointed the DNS to the new server now, so FSDeveloper should become accessible for you soon again. This might take a little while though. We are still tuning and tweaking the last details, but the community could be reopened already. So we would like to welcome you back in our new home.

Moving status #2

The moving of FSDeveloper is going well. We have got everything running again and are currently in the process of some final testing and tuning. So hopefully we can get the site live again in a hour or two.

Moving status

Here is a little status update of the moving of the FSDeveloper website. We have moved everytihng to the new server and have upgraded the forum software by now. That all seems to be running fine. The wiki still needs upgrading and after that there will be a final test before the site can go live again. But until now things are going relatively smoothly and we hope to be ready in a few hours.

Offline during moving

Opposed to what I reported before, the FSDeveloper website will be offline tomorrow during the moving process to the new server. We decided to do this, as it makes the moving easier to perform. Of course we’ll try to be online as soon as possible again.

Tomorrow is moving day

Just to remind you all that tomorrow we will move the FSDeveloper website to a new server. The work will start around 10:00 CET and we hope to finish in a few hours. During this period the old server will be in read only mode, so you will not be able to post. In case things go wrong and the old site might go offline, I will use this blog to post information. So keep an eye here as well. But hopefully that is not needed and we are up and running soon on the new server.