FSDeveloper is open again

We have been monitoring the server since yesterday and things seem to be stable again now. So we have decided to open FSDeveloper again. You can be sure we will keep an even closer look on the server performance during the next days and if you notice anything weird please let us know.

FSDeveloper is down – update

At this moment the FSDeveloper server is running again,but not stable yet. So we keep the forum deactivated till at least tomorrow. Here is a little background on what happened. At this moment we do not know exactly why the server failed, but we are suspecting a hardware issue might be part of it. That is also why we keep the forums offline until we are sure the server is working fine. Since the last few days we did get some errors that the daily backups could not be completed. We were still looking into the source of this problem, … Continue reading FSDeveloper is down – update

FSDeveloper video tutorials

This week I came across the Procaster application to stream you desktop to the internet and yesterday I used it to do a interactive video tutorial about GMax on the FSDeveloper channel at Livestream. There was a good audience of about a dozen people, especially when you keep in mind I only announced the event 2 days ahead. I think the general impression was that the video and sound quality are good enough to do online tutorials. And with the build in chat option the people watching could ask me questions during the tutorial. Maybe have a voice chat would … Continue reading FSDeveloper video tutorials

Revival of a tool

Today I made a new version of a small tool I did some time ago. Actually I redesigned it completely from scratch using C# and .NET this time. The tool I am talking about is CompileHelper. This is a small tool to assist developers in compiling their source files. For many developers using command line compilers like BGLComp, BGLC or SCASM gives quite some trouble. This is mainly because they have not been designed to be used in the drag and drop fashion that is so popular nowadays. On forum you often read that people get no BGL or MDL … Continue reading Revival of a tool

LOD Creator improvements

The functionality in ModelConverterX to create lower level of detail versions of a model was running very slow for complex objects. I have not fixed that completely (yet), but I have made some changes to this functionality that should at least make it easier to work with. The calculation that simplifies the object is now running on a different thread, so that at least the rest of the tool should remain more responsive. I have also added a progress bar, so that you can see how far in the simplification process the tool is already. See the screenshot of the … Continue reading LOD Creator improvements

A clear license for the Wiki content

At the FSDeveloper community we are working on adding a clear license to the Wiki, so that it is clear what people can do with the content that is on there. Therefore we are proposing to use a Creative Commons license, please read all the details of the proposal on the forum.

3DS exporter improved

I have just fixed some bugs in the 3DS exporter of ModelConverterX. The main issue solved is that complex objects often could not be imported into GMax. Without going into too much technical details, this was caused by some variables being stored as a short, allowing a maximum value of 65535. Some object parts had more triangles or vertices than this limit and that resulted in the error when importing. This has now be been fixed and those model parts will be split when exporting. Another improvement I made to the 3DS exporter is that the night textures and bump … Continue reading 3DS exporter improved

How do YOU like to work?

As I posted before, I am planning for a new ground polygon tool. To get more clear how potential end users, yes that is YOU, would prefer to make ground polygons I have setup a poll at the FSDeveloper forum. So please let me know what your ideal way to add ground polygons to a scenery would be. That will help me in creating a tool that is easy to use. I hope to see your vote!