gPoly status update #1

OK, this is dangerous. I have made this mistake before, posting about a tool that is not yet finished at all. So let me start with a little disclaimer: although I have started coding on the new gPoly tool and although I am writing about it on my blog now, I am not sure when a first version will be available.  With these blog posts I will try to keep you informed about the progress. So let’s start with the first status update.

After much thinking and filling many pieces of paper with thoughts, I have started coding this week. At the moment I am working on the basic user interface, a first screenshot is below.

Once I have the interface in place to display the ground polygons (and
lines) I can start with other functionalities like importing from MDL
files, exporting to BGL file or drawing new polygons. The current plan is that the tool can both be used to create ground sceneries from scratch or to tweak objects made with GMax without needing to have the FS2002 gamepack. With ground sceneries I mean elements like ground polygons, extruded lines and other ground features like dirt, skit marks, etc.

But the first item on my list is to allow the display of a background image, since such a reference is quite important when making ground scenery. So hopefully I can get that working tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “gPoly status update #1

  1. this is going to be a great tool. it will speed up the ground polygon process as is, but if you were able to add a seasonal textures option that would help a lot too. doing all of the code by hand takes awhile, at least for me!

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