A too powerful tool?

A tool like ModelConverterX is very powerful in converting objects between different formats. But the fact that it can read BGL or MDL files as well also means it becomes relatively easy to import the work of somebody else into GMax and modify it to your needs. This gives some tension, on one hand you want to create a flexible for the users who is converting the work he has made and allow him to enjoy his old work in FSX. On the other hand you don’t want to encourage people to steal the work of others, manipulate it a bit, and then distribute it as there own.

ModelConverterX already shows a user license when you first start it that reminds the user to only use it with objects that he owns the copyrights from and is thus allowed to convert. But let’s be honest, who is reading that kind of license before clicking on the agree button?

I do not want to limit the tool too much, since there is also a lot of legitimate usage of it. So I have decided to add a little reminder while you are exporting. If you are converting your own objects just wait till it disappears when the export is finished. If you are trying to steal somebody else’s work I hope it makes you feel guilty (at least a little bit)…

One thought on “A too powerful tool?

  1. Oh, and yes, for those wondering, the object shown in the screenshot is indeed a default FSX object. So I am not allowed to convert and use it in my own projects. It just happened to be the test object I used while making this screenshot.

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