Render modes

Today I have added some more options to ModelConverterX, this time different render modes for the preview. Before you could only render the object as it would show in FS, but now you also have the option to only show the faces (no textures) or to show a wireframe view of the object. I some cases these different render modes might help to figure out what is going on with your model. As you might have noticed I am trying to fix some of the open issues with ModelConverterX, so that I can release another stable version. Apart from a … Continue reading Render modes

A too powerful tool?

A tool like ModelConverterX is very powerful in converting objects between different formats. But the fact that it can read BGL or MDL files as well also means it becomes relatively easy to import the work of somebody else into GMax and modify it to your needs. This gives some tension, on one hand you want to create a flexible for the users who is converting the work he has made and allow him to enjoy his old work in FSX. On the other hand you don’t want to encourage people to steal the work of others, manipulate it a … Continue reading A too powerful tool?

Lockheed Martin and ESP

I guess you must have heard this news already, but last week it was announced that Lockheed Martin has licensed Microsoft ESP. I was at the I/ITSEC exhibition at that time and in the Lockheed Martin booth they indeed had a solution build using ESP on display, a PC-12 trainer. It is very interesting to see that ESP is still living on in some way. It should be stressed, this was discussed in some forums already, that this does not mean that the gaming version of FS is still living on. The license to Lockheed Martin excludes the entertainment segment. … Continue reading Lockheed Martin and ESP

gPoly status update #2

Just a little update again with the progress of this morning. Using GDAL I got the geo-referenced background image loaded into gPoly. Until now it works quite good, but I think I will have to optimize the code a bit more to work better with bigger background images. Also I will have to add some functionality to make the image geo-referenced if it is not so already, not everybody has access to GeoTIFF files I guess. So there is still enough to do…

gPoly status update #1

OK, this is dangerous. I have made this mistake before, posting about a tool that is not yet finished at all. So let me start with a little disclaimer: although I have started coding on the new gPoly tool and although I am writing about it on my blog now, I am not sure when a first version will be available.  With these blog posts I will try to keep you informed about the progress. So let’s start with the first status update. After much thinking and filling many pieces of paper with thoughts, I have started coding this week. … Continue reading gPoly status update #1