ModelConverterX and LODs

It’s a little bit ironic, after all the effort I put in the LOD Creator functionality of ModelConverterX. But today I found out that the LODs were not really working in FSX SP2 when you exported the FSX MDL files. This is because of the drawcall batching functionality that I wrote about in the previous post. There is a solution for this that breaks the drawcall batching. So I have now added a new option in ModelConverterX that allows you to specify if you prefer the drawcall batching or working LODs. By default the LODs will be working. If the … Continue reading ModelConverterX and LODs

LODs versus drawcall batching

Since MS introduced the concept of drawcall batching in SP2 of FSX there has been a lot of discussion going on about levels of details still working or not. In the end it comes down to a choice between either having LODs working for your object or having drawcall batching. The MDL files that the GMax gamepack makes will have working LODs by default (and thus no drawcall batching). Since I don’t use 3DS Max I am not sure what the default situation is there. But by compiling with an empty xanim file and the /XANIM flag in XtoMDL you … Continue reading LODs versus drawcall batching

ModelConverterX tutorial on Wiki

The ModelConverterX tutorial I gave this evening on the FSDeveloper LiveStream channel, has also been uploaded to the Wiki now. So on both of these places you can now review this tutorial. Unfortunately I had a few bandwidth problems while recording the tutorial, so I had to restart two times. Sorry for the inconvenience for those who were following the tutorial live. Luckily it seemed there were not so many people watching live. When you watch the tutorial on the Wiki you won’t notice these trouble of course. Another comment I got from Nick halfway through is that the sound … Continue reading ModelConverterX tutorial on Wiki