Abcoude church in FSX

And here is a screenshot of the church made with SketchUp in FSX. It has been converted with ModelConverterX and is showing on the NL2000 v4 scenery. I am not completely satisfied with the textures yet, they seem a bit too light when viewed in FSX, so I think I will change them a bit.

Oh, and don’t expect to find this object in the coming NL2000 v4 release, since I am too late now to still add it. We are already further in the testing and release process.

2 thoughts on “Abcoude church in FSX

  1. Looking good Arno. I am looking forward to seeing your tutorial with all the gorry details on how you got the model from SU to FSX. 🙂

  2. I am probably going to do some more experimentation with SketchUp. Once I know the tool better a tutorial is for sure something I will make.

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