gPoly status update #9

Just a quick status update for the gPoly tool. I think I got the code working now that will ensure that your polygons are automatically sliced into segments of no more than 100 meter. This ensures that there will be no issues with the curve of the earth in FSX. The same code can also be used to divide the polygons of the airport into different segments, so that not everything uses the same reference point and will be rendered at the same time. Especially for big airports I am sure this is important to keep the performance good, although I will have to do more experimenting later on to find the best parameters.

With the exporting side now sort of working, I will move over to the user interface again. Next on my list are improvements to the drawing of polygons (vertex snapping for example) and making it easier to update the texture mapping of the polygons. While working on those features, I will also be drawing the rest of the polygons for my test airport.

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