Attached object orientation

For quite some time already ModelConverterX has the functionality to attach things to your object. For example an effect or another library object. I mainly used this to attach lights to objects and since these shine in any direction I never really bothered to check the orientation properly. Until there were some questions about this on the forum recently. So I took a look and found out the orientation was not really correct.

So in the latest development release of ModelConverterX this has been fixed. The orientation of attached objects is now exported correctly. I have also changed how attached objects are displayed in the preview. They not only show a dot now, but also a line that is the direction in which they are pointing. In the attached object editor you can change this orientation by entering a heading, pitch and roll for the attached object.

Oh and don’t ask me why there is a tree attached to that building. It just happened to be a nice library object to test with…

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