Ever since I started making scenery for Flight Simulator, you could get almost any tool you wanted using That site provided a great overview of tools and tutorials for scenery designers. Sadly last week the site went offline.

This did not come as a huge surprise, since the owner Tom Gregor had already indicated before that running the site was becoming to expensive. After this message the FSDeveloper admins already contacted Tom Gregor to see if we assist in some way. We do have his permission to keep the tools and tutorials alive on FSDeveloper and we also have a backup of all the related files. But before we can put them online again, we need to get permissions from the authors of these tools and tutorials as well. So we are working on that now.

A big thanks to Tom Gregor for running this site for all those years. And we’ll do our best to keep as much of the knowledge it contained available.

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  1. Hi Arno.

    If Tom is agreeable, why not “ is now ‘Scenery.Org hosted at FSDeveloper'”.

    As long as it is still, then permission already exists for the files. It doesn’t matter what the server or location would be, nor would it matter if Tom would no longer be the web manager.

    Technically, you could also redirect the domain name ‘’ to a website hosted at FSDeveloper. I know this is possible, though the details would need someone besides me to implement. 🙂

    The extra expense could probably be offset by google ads.

    Essentially, Tom would be donating the domain registration of ‘’ to FSDeveloper.


  2. Hi Dick,

    That’s another idea indeed. At the moment we were more thinking about merging the content with FSDeveloper. I’ll throw it into the discussion with the other admins.

  3. I would like to support this step. had many potential tutorials.
    Highly detail and appreciated. I’m another interest designer for to at least let us use their stored tutorials.

    Thank you and hope to see them soon!

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