Aircraft liveries

Today I made some improvements to the aircraft MDL reader of ModelConverterX. It still can’t read all MDL files, but much more of them should work now. This should at least give you an idea of the geometry of these models.

The picture above shows an AI 737-300. Now that the geometry seems OK, the thing that bugged me most was the textures not showing. This is because for aircraft MDL files you can’t just take the main texture folder, they often have different folders for different liveries. So I decided to add support for that as well. At the top, next to the LOD selection, you can now also select which livery for the textures you want to load. Below are some examples of the same aircraft, but with a different livery.

The performance when switching liveries is not yet perfect, it sometimes
takes a few seconds for the preview to refresh. That is something I
hope to improve later on. The changes will be available in the development release of tomorrow.

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