Microsoft Flight

Yesterday Paul Lange already dusted off his blog, which was an indication already that something was still going on. And then today Microsoft has announced Microsoft Flight. Not so much is know about this new simulator/game, but the teaser video looks interesting. Which is of course what any teaser would do. I guess we will have to wait and see what kind of product this is going to be and how similar it will be with the flight simulator products we are used to. On FSDeveloper a heavy discussion has started already about what this could mean. But it is good news to see … Continue reading Microsoft Flight

Levels of details and FS2004 MDL files

Today I have worked on two bugs in ModelConverterX that deal with levels of details and the FS2004 scenery MDL format. The first one I fixed is that levels of detail where not exported correctly to the FS2004 MDL format. This should be working again now. The second one is reading the levels of detail from the MDL file. This bug is almost solved, the reader will now read the different levels of detail. However the number calculated for the different levels of detail are not yet correct. I still need to figure out the exact math to determine them. … Continue reading Levels of details and FS2004 MDL files

Update on reading aircraft MDL files

Over the last days I have made good progress again with reading aircraft MDL files. I should directly say that not all of them will import correctly at this moment, but more and more are working. And also setting the conditions to extract a landing gear or set the flaps is working much better now. I will keep debugging the aircraft that do not yet work correctly, but this functionality is almost useful now. It can for example be used to make static aircraft out of old flyable aircraft, a task that is currently usually done using the great tool … Continue reading Update on reading aircraft MDL files