Integrate ModelConverterX and Library Creator XML?

It has been suggested multiple times that it would make sense to integrate Library Creator XML and ModelConverterX into one tool. I agree that this would make sense, but I would like to have your thoughts on how the combined tool should ideally work. So do you have some thoughts on this, please let me know in this discussion thread.

FSDeveloper server move – status update 3

By now the domain name is pointing to the new server. So the move is done. It might take a little while before the updated reaches you though. So if you still get the “offline message” of the forum you are still pointing to the old server. Please be patient until the update reaches you.

FSDeveloper server move – status update 2

A little update about the server now. The databases and other content (like attachments) have been migrated successfully. We have performed a test on the new server and everything seems to be working fine. So the next step is to point the domain to the new server and update the DNS. We are currently working on that. This should hopefully be finished soon as well, so that you can reach the new server. I’ll post another update once that is done.

ModelConverterX Convert Wizard

Today I have added a new feature to the ModelConverterX development release, the convert wizard. This function makes it even easier to convert and place an object into Flight Simulator. I have added this feature mainly with the novice developer in mind. Somebody who just wants to add a few objects to Flight Simulator. Even for such a task multiple tools are often needed. You might model it in SketchUp, then you convert it to a MDL file with ModelConverterX, place it in a library with Library Creator XML and finally position it at the correct location with WhisPlacer. That … Continue reading ModelConverterX Convert Wizard

ProFlightSim – a warning

You might have read this on other blogs already. For example Francois and Lefteris wrote about this already, but I feel it is too important to not repeat it here as well. There is a “new” flight simulator that is being marketed currently. The ads promise that it is the best out there and even beats FSX. Did we all miss some new development or is there another side of the story? It turns out that this “new” simulator is actually a commercial version of FlightGear. So the marketing is a bit misleading, to say the least. Be aware of … Continue reading ProFlightSim – a warning

FSDeveloper connectivity – part 4

This Sunday, November 28th, we plan to move the FSDeveloper website to another server. This move is necessary to fix the connectivity problems we had a couple of weeks ago. We have already tested that the site runs fine on the new server. So what we will do Sunday is close the site on the current server. Then we will copy the database with all the current information to the new server. Afterwards we will point the domain to the new server. This whole process should take a few hours. We will start with this work at 17:00 CET on … Continue reading FSDeveloper connectivity – part 4

Wizard update

Just a small update on the conversion wizard functionality for ModelConverterX. Over the last days I have made some progress again. The following features are done now: Positioning, scaling and rotating the object on the map. So you can do the placement. Exporting to a BGL file, with the model and placement in it The only main feature missing is exporting the textures as well. So that’s what I am going to work on next. And of course it still needs some testing and polishing to make it really user friendly.

openVFR goes USA!

You might have heard about the openVFR scenery already for different European countries, like Germany or Netherlands. It’s a vector based terrain scenery using geo data from the OpenStreetMap project. The good news is that this project is now also going to cover the USA. On their blog the first screenshots have been released.