Video tutorials on Wiki working again

Today we found out that during the server move a few weeks ago, the video tutorials on the FSDeveloper Wiki got broken. They were no longer playing or available for download. It was just a tiny server setting that disallowed the video format, but that has been fixed now. So the video tutorials are available for you again!

Some bad news and some good news (and some more bad news)

Let me start with the bad news, I have decided to stop the development of gPoly for the moment. It seems developing two tools, ModelConverterX and gPoly, at the same time does not work that well. I don’t have enough time available to turn gPoly into a stable and usable tool at the moment. Maybe in the future I will continue on the development. While working on gPoly I have learning a lot of interesting things, about using GeoTIFF images, about doing boolean operations on ground polygons or about Bezier curves. The good news is that not all of this knowledge goes … Continue reading Some bad news and some good news (and some more bad news)

Convert Wizard update

I have released an update of the ModelConverterX Convert Wizard functionality. The main changes are: There is now also an option to combine textures while converting, thereby reducing the amount of drawcalls Before starting the conversion the wizard now checks if all compilers (like BGLComp and XtoMDL) can be found. If not the user will get a clear message box to remind that these settings have to be provided first. I have also fixed some other smaller bugs in the wizard. I hope the wizard proves to be useful to users who just want to convert and place a few … Continue reading Convert Wizard update