Leaking memory

Tonight I have been doing some memory leak hunting in ModelConverterX. I have found (and fixed) a few leaks in the 3D preview of the objects. So from the next development release you should see less memory being used, especially when you make changes in the material editor. Also when browsing through object libraries or making an object report you should see less memory usage. I can’t guarantee that all memory leaks are gone, but at least these are fixed.

Ground polygons and autogen

Just before my vacation I already posted about the ground polygons wizard for ModelConverterX. Since then I have been working more on this feature and it is almost ready for inclusion in the development release. This wizard allows you to export your ground polygons without the FS2002 GMax gamepack, ModelConverterX will take care of converting them to the right format to behave as proper ground polygons. At the moment I am doing the last testing and removing some minor bugs. Parallel to this I am also enhancing the output of the ground polygons wizard to prevent suppression of autogen by … Continue reading Ground polygons and autogen

FSDeveloper server performance

Over the last weeks there have been some issues with the performance of the FSDeveloper server. Now and then (but quite regularly), the performance of the server is bad. This means that pages load very slow or not at all. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we are looking into this issue. The problem is that every time our hosting company looks at the issue, everything is running fine. So that makes it hard to pin it down. We hope to solve the problem soon though.

Time for a blog post

Yes, I am still updating this blog. We are back from vacation for one and a half week already, but I haven’t had the time yet to write on this blog. I guess me writing about bad news just before the vacation was not such a good idea either, because the vacation also started with some bad news. They had some trouble with the snow in London Heathrow and cancelled our flight. Luckily they could rebook us on another flight just a day layer, so it did not influence the vacation too much. So after being away from home (and flight simulator) … Continue reading Time for a blog post