Ground polygons and autogen

Just before my vacation I already posted about the ground polygons wizard for ModelConverterX. Since then I have been working more on this feature and it is almost ready for inclusion in the development release. This wizard allows you to export your ground polygons without the FS2002 GMax gamepack, ModelConverterX will take care of converting them to the right format to behave as proper ground polygons. At the moment I am doing the last testing and removing some minor bugs.

Parallel to this I am also enhancing the output of the ground polygons wizard to prevent suppression of autogen by these ground polygons. For this I am using one of the airfields of the NL2000 scenery project as a test case, Gilze-Rijen (EHGR). The basic technique to keep the autogen seems to be working, but there are a few bugs left that I need to fix before this can be released as well. So hopefully I will have more news in a couple of days.

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