Leaking memory

Tonight I have been doing some memory leak hunting in ModelConverterX. I have found (and fixed) a few leaks in the 3D preview of the objects. So from the next development release you should see less memory being used, especially when you make changes in the material editor. Also when browsing through object libraries or making an object report you should see less memory usage. I can’t guarantee that all memory leaks are gone, but at least these are fixed.

3 thoughts on “Leaking memory

  1. Hi, that bug was reported some time ago, but in the current development release it should be fixed. Are you still seeing this issue?

  2. no, now everything is fine.
    you participate in the development of MS Flight? if not, it is an urgent need to fix it. otherwise we again get something not understandable, such as “FSX – DIY” 🙂

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