Autogen suppression

In the previous post about the ground polygon wizard of ModelConverterX I already mentioned that the tool also helps to prevent the exclusion of autogen by your  ground polygons. I forgot to post some screenshots to illustrate this with that post, so here they are.

They show Gilze Rijen airport in the Netherlands as developed by the NL2000 team. And you can clearly see what the benefit is of having autogen on the airport as well.

4 thoughts on “Autogen suppression

  1. Hi Arno!

    Great news. We are going to use this for our next project. I had no time to test it yet.

    We do the background in gmax, I think MDX can handle it right? Question : Is it possible to define the seasonal textures + night textures?

    Do you think to create a tool in MDX for animation attaching tool (to win over the 1024 frames barrier)? Thanks again!

  2. Hi,

    MCX can read the MDL files you export from GMax, so that will work.

    Seasonal and night texture is on my todo list, I hope to be able to add them soon.

    For the animation I am not sure yet. MCX uses the standard MakeMDL/XtoMDL to export files. To tweak animations I would have to write my own ASM code. Maybe that is something I can add in the future, but not very soon.


  3. Hi Arno!

    Maybe I would be able to create a small program (visual basic) which opens the asm file and tweak it, extends the animation. My problem is that I do not understand the relation of the code in the asm file, so basicaly I do not know what to change. e.g. if somebody could tell me, if the animation is 2500 frames long, you have to attache the 2500 interpolation table, than change that part like 2500*16 etc, etc. If I could find a mathematical logic I could do it, I think.

  4. Hi,

    Might be possible to create a tool for that. I am not sure how soon I find the time to do something like that :).

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