Bug fix in Ground Polygon Wizard

A little while ago a user reported problems with the Ground Polygon Wizard. When slicing the polygons, some polygons were missing. I have now debugged and fixed this issue. From tomorrow the improvements are available in the development release. So if you are using the Ground Polygon Wizard please update to this version, the previous version can deform or loose some of your polygons.

2 thoughts on “Bug fix in Ground Polygon Wizard

  1. Hi Arno!

    Great news that you are progressing with the ground poly. We are currently working on a scenery and we want to release FS9 and FSX version too. But it is a nightmare how to do it, especialy with this autogen excluding issue. What we realised that not only the BG is excluding the autogen but the placed objects too. We can not really use your wizzard yet, because the seasonal textures function is missing. What do you think? When can you add this function?


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