Seasonal textures in the Ground Polygon Wizard

About a week ago I already wrote about the new functionality I was working on for the ModelConverterX Ground Polygon Wizard. Now I have finished it and from tomorrow it is available in the development release. Since there is no manual for this tool yet, let me explain how to add night textures or seasonal textures to your ground polygons while converting.

Most of the process has not changed. So you still select the file you want to import. The gridview in the middle will then show all materials found in your object. In this view you will see two extra columns. One is for night textures and the other is for seasonal textures. So if you check the checkbox that type of texture is added to the material. For the night textures the default suffix to the texture name is _LM. For the seasonal textures the suffixes are _SP for spring, _FA for fall, _WI for winter and _HW for heavy winter. Summer gets no suffix, as that is the normal texture.

You will also see the “Define seasons” button. If you click on this you get the image shown below. This allows you to specify at which day of the year the different seasons start. If you want to know how to determine the seasons of the mesh scenery, have a look at this article on the FSDeveloper Wiki. I have tried to make this form as user friendly as possible, it should automatically make sure that if you change one day, the matching day of the next or previous season also changes.

I hope this new functionality is useful. And if there are any bugs and suggestions on how to make it easier please let me know.

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