DrawCallMonitor vs ModelConverterX

DrawCallMonitor is a tool I made some time ago to show statics about the amount of drawcalls, texture vertices and triangles used in a specific MDL file. Recently I have not updated this tool, because the Object Information form of ModelConverterX gives the same information. But is this information really the same? While discussing how to minimize texture vertices with Lefteris recently we found out that the information shown by the two tools is not the same. So the obvious question then is which one can I believe more? Given the way the tools are implemented I would say DrawCallMonitor … Continue reading DrawCallMonitor vs ModelConverterX

ModelConverterX user settings

How ModelConverterX stores your settings is a topic that has resulted in some discussion on the forum already. So let me try to make things more clear with this post. I am using a build in functionality of .NET to store the settings, which are conveniently called settings as well. This functionality automatically makes sure that the settings are stored on your computer and it does that per user on your system. So they end up somewhere in the application data for your user. As long as that all works as expected that is fine of course. But when making updated versions … Continue reading ModelConverterX user settings

Animation slider

I have made a small change to the ModelConverterX user interface. The control to manipulate an animation have moved to a new toolbar now. Since this toolbar takes some space, it is only shown when the object loaded has an animation. Else the entire toolbar is hidden. This new toolbar also has a slider that you can use to move the animation frame. From tomorrow this change is in the development release.

Changes to FSDeveloper forum structure

Today I will be making some changes to the forum structure. With time going on, how we make our addons has also changed slightly. For example when we started FSDeveloper more ASM tweaking was needed, but now that forum is not so active anymore. With these changes to the structure we want to make sure you can find what you are looking for quickly. Let me stress that we won’t remove anything, we might merge two categories or put a subforum in a different category. I will post all the details once I am finished with the changes. For now this is … Continue reading Changes to FSDeveloper forum structure

First version FXEditor released

I have just released the first beta version of the new FXEditor tool. With this tool you can edit the special effects of FS and it gives you an interactive preview while you are editing the effect. On FSDeveloper I have opened a new support forum for this tool. Especially take a look at the general information topic there, since it tells you where to download the tool and where to find the manual. Make sure that you set the path to your FS version in the options before using the tool, as else certain parts will not work correctly. … Continue reading First version FXEditor released

ModelConverterX special effects update now available

I have just put a new development release of ModelConverterX online. The main change in this version is that it is now possible to visualize special effects in the 3D preview as well. So if you are placing such an effect, you will be able to preview how it is going to look in FS. Next to the paperclip button that toggles the display of attachpoints, you will find a new button now that toggles the display of the particle effects. Since effect files reside in the effects folder of your FS installation, it is important that you make sure … Continue reading ModelConverterX special effects update now available

FXEditor preview video

Here is a quick preview video of the new FXEditor currently under development. I still need to make it a little more robust, but this should give you an idea of what is coming. [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E78gIPglsuE:550:0]