Happy birthday FSDeveloper!

Wow, time really goes fast. It still feels like yesterday, but actually it is 5 years ago already that we transformed the SceneryDesign.org community into the FSDeveloper community. So happy 5th birthday FSDeveloper!

Saving your library

One of the items I am changing in the new Library Creator XML 3.0 is how you save your library. Before you had to save the XML and compile the library to a BGL. Now those two actions are combined in one form that saves your library. You can choose if you want to save BGL, XML or both. Below you see the current version of this save library form. I am still tuning the user interface a bit, so in the released version there are probably some small changes. The good news is that the first (beta) release of … Continue reading Saving your library

Library Creator XML 3.0

I am working on an updated version of Library Creator XML. Not that there is much wrong with the current version, but I would like to add a few new features. And to be able to add them easier I decided that I would first cleanup and optimize the current code a bit. So that’s what I am doing at the moment. I will also give the tool a new user interface that is more in line with my recent tools. Below you see a first screenshot of this new user interface. So what kind of features do I plan … Continue reading Library Creator XML 3.0

Another object placement tool?

For a while I am thinking about how to integrate the different tools I have made better. An example of this integration would be to open objects from Library Creator XML directly into ModelConverterX or easily insert an object from ModelConverterX directly into a library. While playing with those integration idea I had another idea. ModelConverterX already has a simple object placement function, so why not extend it with a proper object placement tool? Like a FSX update of ObPlacer XML. Below is a quick video of a prototype tool I made for this. [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWK_1K3hxWs:550:0] My question is would yet … Continue reading Another object placement tool?

SceneryDesign.org is back

 In 2004 I started a community website for scenery designers and I called it SceneryDesign.org. In 2006 we decided to rebrand this site to FSDeveloper and expand it to discuss all kind of addons. All the time I still kept the SceneryDesign.org domain as well, it was just pointing to FSDeveloper. On the right you see the origional SceneryDesign.org logo, it might look familiar to you. That’s because I am also using it as the icon for (almost) all of the tools I make for FS. So I have now decided to re-use the SceneryDesign.org domain as a central place … Continue reading SceneryDesign.org is back