Saving your library

One of the items I am changing in the new Library Creator XML 3.0 is how you save your library. Before you had to save the XML and compile the library to a BGL. Now those two actions are combined in one form that saves your library. You can choose if you want to save BGL, XML or both. Below you see the current version of this save library form. I am still tuning the user interface a bit, so in the released version there are probably some small changes.

The good news is that the first (beta) release of the new version is getting close, I have almost finished the features and only need to do some additional testing to make sure there are as little bugs as possible. The new version will be included in the development release packages, that also contains the latest ModelConverterX and FXEditor. The first version will have the improved user interface, the option to open your objects in ModelConverterX from Library Creator XML and the option to list all textures used in a library. The features to read BGL files directly or to add objects directly from ModelConverterX to a library will be added later.

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