Learn about SketchUp at FSWeekend 2011

This year I will be attending the yearly FSWeekend event at Lelystad again. Just like in previous years you will be able to find me at the NL2000 / FSDeveloper stand. This year I will be there together with Francois Dumas (from FSAddon and much more) and we will be showing you have much fun it is to make scenery with Google SketchUp. Every day we will give a presentation at 15:00 as well, where we will give you a crash-course to get started with SketchUp. So always wanted to add your own house to FS? Make sure to visit us at the FSWeekend!

3 thoughts on “Learn about SketchUp at FSWeekend 2011

  1. Hello,

    Do you plan to arrange FSWeekend for 2012?

    We are planning to have a meeting in Copenhagen, late april / early may.

    There we will have some courses in Photoshop, Sketchup and maybe Global Mapper.

  2. Hi,

    I think there will be a FSWeekend again this year in the Netherlands. It has been organised for over 10 years already. Not sure if it will be in the same location, since the museum is currently closed.

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