Some weeks ago I added a tool called agn2txt to the development release package of my tools. With this tool you can decompile AGN files to readable TXT files. Today I have added the reverse tool as well. As you might have guessed it is called txt2agn and it can be used to compile the TXT file form agn2txt back into an AGN file. So this allows you to make changes to the TXT file and then create an updated AGN file.

The tool is a command line application again and it takes two arguments. The first is the TXT file to compile and the second is the folder in which the AGN file should be created.

Since this is a first beta release there might be some bugs left. Please let me know if you run into trouble with it.



2 thoughts on “txt2agn

  1. Hi,
    i am not a new readerof your blog, but i am afraid to use my english so i was quit yet.
    I use your agn2txt and txt2agn after creation of new content of some agn squares by scenProc for merging.
    These two programs help me to do this. So I have a question for you, why not to make some combination of agn2txt/txt2agn for merging of content of two same agn squares (old and new)?

  2. Hi,

    You could do such a merging already. You decompile both files and then in a text editor combine the two outputs. You can then recompile it into one new AGN file.

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