Library Creator XML 3.0 beta available

A first release of the new Library Creator XML 3.0 is now available, you can get it as part of the development releases of my tools. The main changes are in the user interface, I hope the tool is even easier to use. Another reason for the changes is that with the changes I made now it will be easier to add new features in the future. One feature high on my list is being able to import a library from BGL. So that will come in a future update. I made a quick video to illustrate the new version:


2 thoughts on “Library Creator XML 3.0 beta available

  1. Hi Arno! Great news! I’ll download it soon. Question. Earlier in one of your blogpost I asked you if it is possible to add a function if an xml file is avalaible (FS9) than LC should get the GUID from there and not generating a new one. Secondly the program should warn you if you would like to close it without save. Is this implemented in this version? Thanks!

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