Updated ModelConverterX preview

The development release of ModelConverterX now contains an updated preview of the objects. It is now using OpenGL shaders, which as enabled me to add some cool new functions. Like showing bump maps and the reflection influenced by specular maps. Be aware that this is a big change, so it might have resulted a few new bugs here and there. Please let me know if you have any issues. And in case of big issues, you can always revert to the stable 1.3 release until I have fixed them.

4 thoughts on “Updated ModelConverterX preview

  1. Hi Arno!

    Great! Soon we can fly with MCX too 🙂

    We are working currently on an AI pack, basicaly FS9, but of course we want to convert it to FSX. Earlier we could not convert it with MCX because somehow the animation parts moved away, e.g. the flaps were 2 meters away from the wing. Since that I did not test it, but somehow I read you fixed that issue. Is that true?


  2. Hi,

    I have made some improvements on those parts that have offsets. But I can’t guarantee they are all solved.

    I have a development branch here where I have improved reading of aircraft models and animations. But that is not stable enough yet to put in the development release. But if you have a few specific objects to try, I could try it for you or give you an alpha version. Just drop me an email if that is interesting.


  3. Hi Arno!

    Okay, thanks. Today I’m testing the FS9 version. Than I will start to work on the new FSX version. I’ll download the latest development release and than if I face any problem I’ll let you know.

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