Built-in help

In the last two days I have made scenProc a little more robust. Before any mistake in the configuration file would usually result in a crash of the entire tool. That has been changed now. The tool will now check if you provided the right amount of parameters and give a warning when that is not the case. Sometimes it will also check if the parameters provided are of the right type, but that is not yet supported for all available processing steps.

Another change I have made is that the tool now has built-in help. If you enter scenproc –help in your command prompt you will get a list of available processing steps. If you type scenproc –help stepname you will get additional information about the processing step with the given name. This includes information about the expected parameters and what the step does.

I hope these two changes make the tool a little bit easier to use for you. Oh, and one more thing. You might see there are more processing steps available than documented on the wiki. Those other steps are used to make ground polygons from dxf or shp files. But they are still under development and might be a bit buggy, so I would not advice you to use them on a serious project at this moment.

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