Some Wiki updates

I have added some additional information to the FSDeveloper Wiki. Update of the information on the FSX MDL format. This is mainly what I figured out while adding support for animations to ModelConverterX. Added an article to explain the different DXT compressions that can be used for textures. I would be happy to receive any feedback wether the information is understandable for a normal developer in the way I have written it. Added an article about the FSX AGN format. It is far from complete at the moment, but hopefully it provides a start for more information on this format … Continue reading Some Wiki updates

The animation puzzle

This evening I continued with the FSX MDL reader for ModelConverterX. With the LODs done, my next challenge was to read the transformations correctly as well, as some objects now show displaced parts. This was easier said than done, as understanding the way transformations are assigned, also means understanding how the animations work. Luckily, after making the CAT tool and doing a lot of animation tweaking in FS2004, I understand a bit how this process is done. In FSX things have been changed of course (bone animations are new for example), but with what I knew I could get started … Continue reading The animation puzzle

Video on the Wiki?

With the increasing amount of video tutotials becoming availalble on the FSDeveloper site and because they are just very useful to explain things, I have been looking at a way to integrate them in the Wiki. So let’s say to be able to play them inside the Wiki as an embedded video. The extensions for MediaWiki that I found for that until now did not really work for me, also due to the forum – Wiki integration we have on the site I guess. If anybody has some good tips or suggestions on implementing such a feature that would be … Continue reading Video on the Wiki?

New Wiki frontpage

Tonight the new Wiki front page for the FSDeveloper Wiki went live. I hope this new page makes it easier for users of the Wiki to find the content they are interested in. You will find more categories, that relate to certain addon development related tasks, like terrain design or panel and gauge design. Also the articles have been categorised better into all those categories. I hope you find this new front page easier to use. And feel free to add new content to the Wiki if you feel you can add something, that makes it an even more useful … Continue reading New Wiki frontpage

Normal map tutorial

It is quite a while ago already that I wrote on this blog about how to use normal maps on your FSX models. Today I finally found the time to put that information into a tutorial on the Wiki. I hope it makes the process of creating a normal map more clear. Or else feel free to enhance the tutorial even more. And of course, don’t get carried away with applying normal maps. Only use them where really needed, as using them on all your models might not do the performance much good.

ModelConverterX manual

Updating the manual is usually not my favourite part of making tools, so sometimes that seems to lag a bit behind the release of new tool versions. But I just found the time to update the ModelConverterX manual on the Wiki. I have mainly updated the part about the capabilities of the different readers and writers. Still to do is more explanation about the GUI and the different tools available in there, but that will be for the next update.

Hey, is that a manual?

I think almost any programmer will tell you the same, writing the manual or documentation for some work he has done (or is doing) is not the most fun part. So usually that part lacks a bit behind the program being made. For me that is also the case. Especially for the tools that are still in beta phase, the manual is often lacking or very minimal. But today I changed that a bit, as I wrote a quick manual for the DrawCallMonitor tool I released a while ago. You can find this manual on the Wiki. Although it is … Continue reading Hey, is that a manual?

(Almost) time for a manual

I have just released an updated version of ModelConverterX, check out the thread on the forum to see all changes. This time mainy improvements in the reading functionality and some small new features. The bigger new features that are planned have not been implemented yet. Hopefully I can add some in the next release. Another thing that is really needed now is a manual for this tool, as I start to get requests for features that have already been implemented (but not yet found apparently). So I started with the manual on the Wiki, although it is still quite empty … Continue reading (Almost) time for a manual

Wiki getting alive

Over the last few weeks the FSDeveloper Wiki had become more and more alive. I am very happy to see that more people have started to add and edit the content of the Wiki. So be sure to check the Wiki now and then, as a lot of useful development related information is being collected there. And if you have some more knowledge to add to the Wiki, you are more than welcome to do so of course.

FsDeveloper down this weekend

Part of this weekend the FsDeveloper site will be down. That is because we are going to move it to another server and also improve the site in other aspects. For example a better Wiki integration and an easier navigation menu are on the todo list. So don’t panic when you can’t reach the site this weekend.