Ground Polygon Wizard available

I have just released a new version of ModelConverterX. The big change in this new release is that the ground polygon wizard is now included. Before I will go into the details of how to use this wizard, let’s first take a look at the problems it is trying to solve. When creating ground polygons scenery designers usually encounter these problems:   You need the FS2002 gamepack, since that is still the preferred way to create ground polygons. Some of the files of the gamepack are only on the FS2002 Pro disks, which means you have to find all kind of work … Continue reading Ground Polygon Wizard available

Some bad news and some good news (and some more bad news)

Let me start with the bad news, I have decided to stop the development of gPoly for the moment. It seems developing two tools, ModelConverterX and gPoly, at the same time does not work that well. I don’t have enough time available to turn gPoly into a stable and usable tool at the moment. Maybe in the future I will continue on the development. While working on gPoly I have learning a lot of interesting things, about using GeoTIFF images, about doing boolean operations on ground polygons or about Bezier curves. The good news is that not all of this knowledge goes … Continue reading Some bad news and some good news (and some more bad news)

Quick status update on the different projects

Here is a quick status update for some of the projects I am working on. I know I have not blogged much recently. That is mainly because it is quite busy at my work recently, so that affects the amount of free time a bit. Unfortunately I don’t expect this will change very soon. In order of priority the projects have for me at the moment, these are some of the things I am working on: SketchUp tutorial At the FSWeekend in November there will be a FSDeveloper stand again (like last year). This year I plan to let visitors … Continue reading Quick status update on the different projects

gPoly status update #11

I have made some progress again on the gPoly tool. The two main features I worked on today are finishing the Bezier curves and extending the user interface so that you can edit the texture mapping of the polygons. Since these feature are difficult to explain with text or pictures, I have made a little preview video showing how you could use them. You can view this video here. Next item I am going to work on is vertex snapping. When that is done I will start laying down the polygons for my test airport. I am looking forward to … Continue reading gPoly status update #11

gPoly status update #10

This evening I have been working on a feature for gPoly that will make it a lot easier to draw curved edges of your ground polygons. By using Bezier curves you don’t have to add many points to get a nice smooth curve. All you have to do is set the begin and end point and use a couple of control points to determine the shape of the curve. In the images below you see a few example I made while testing. The two points at the top are the control points that determine the shape. You can see that … Continue reading gPoly status update #10

gPoly status update #9

Just a quick status update for the gPoly tool. I think I got the code working now that will ensure that your polygons are automatically sliced into segments of no more than 100 meter. This ensures that there will be no issues with the curve of the earth in FSX. The same code can also be used to divide the polygons of the airport into different segments, so that not everything uses the same reference point and will be rendered at the same time. Especially for big airports I am sure this is important to keep the performance good, although … Continue reading gPoly status update #9

gPoly status update #8

I have now chosen the airport that I will use as a test field for developing the gPoly tool. It is Marshfield Municipal Airport (KGHG) in Massachusetts. So I have drawn some of the aprons and taxiways and am testing now if I can export them correctly to FS. At first I was exporting with the FS2002 style code used for ground polygons most of the time. As long as I export everything with one reference point things looked fine, but when I divided the polygons over different reference points, to have better control over the performance, I noticed that … Continue reading gPoly status update #8

Which airport?

Now that I can export some basic polygons from the gPoly tool, I am looking to go one little step further. I am looking for an airport that I can use as a test case to develop the tool further, since there is no better way to find bugs than while actually working with the tool on a project. In the end I will be using the tool for the EHAM Schiphol scenery of NL2000, but that airport is a bit too complex for a test airport. See this thread on FSDeveloper for a little more background on “my requirements” … Continue reading Which airport?

gPoly status update #7

It feels like it is a long time ago I wrote a status update about the gPoly tool. And now that I think about it, it is actually a long time ago. But this weekend I have done some work on the tool again. I have mainly focussed on two functionalities: Being able to save your gPoly project file to disk and afterwards loading it back again. This might be some functionality that sounds very basic, but until now I had not coded it. For my tests I just every time drew some polygons manually. I can now save this … Continue reading gPoly status update #7

Jetlag almost gone

We are back home for a few days now, after enjoying a two week vacation in California. We had a lot of fun there and now that the jetlag is almost gone, it is time to spend some time on my FS tools again. Initially I plan to focus on ModelConverterX a bit more. I want to finish the function to minimize drawcalls and will try to fix some bugs in the COLLADA reader. Since my posts about using Sketchup it seems many people give it a try, and they find many new bugs as well. After that I want … Continue reading Jetlag almost gone