Follow me

Last week I finished the model of the new railroad bridge near Zwolle for the NL2000 scenery. It was the first bridge model I made with SketchUp and it was an interesting experience. As most modelling tools SketchUp provides a lot of operators and I had not used all of them in my previous objects. One of the tools I have learned to appreciate more with this bridge is the follow me tool. As you can see in the screenshot below the bridge is partly curved and there is also a small side road (of course a bicycle path here in … Continue reading Follow me

It’s the scale, stupid

While working on the next update of the NL2000 scenery, I have learned some interesting things again. For this update I have worked on the road bridges we have in the scenery. These objects have been in the scenery a couple of versions already, but with the road traffic that FSX has added it became quite clear that the cars were not driving over the bridge, but through it. The solution for this was to add a platform to the road surface of the bridge. Adding the platform was easy, that could be done with ModelConverterX in a few seconds. … Continue reading It’s the scale, stupid

FSWeekend wrap-up

So this weekend was the annual FSWeekend in the Netherlands again. Just like the last couple of years I was present again at the NL2000 and FSDeveloper booth. It is always amazing to see in how many ways people can enjoy their flight simulation hobby. It ranges from flying in clubs to building cockpits at home, making addons and much more. And this weekend is not only about Microsoft Flight Simulator, Falcon 4, X-Plane and FlightGear were also well represented again. The best part of the event is probably talking to all the visitors. After so much online contact, it … Continue reading FSWeekend wrap-up

Autogen suppression

In the previous post about the ground polygon wizard of ModelConverterX I already mentioned that the tool also helps to prevent the exclusion of autogen by your  ground polygons. I forgot to post some screenshots to illustrate this with that post, so here they are. They show Gilze Rijen airport in the Netherlands as developed by the NL2000 team. And you can clearly see what the benefit is of having autogen on the airport as well.

Ground polygons and autogen

Just before my vacation I already posted about the ground polygons wizard for ModelConverterX. Since then I have been working more on this feature and it is almost ready for inclusion in the development release. This wizard allows you to export your ground polygons without the FS2002 GMax gamepack, ModelConverterX will take care of converting them to the right format to behave as proper ground polygons. At the moment I am doing the last testing and removing some minor bugs. Parallel to this I am also enhancing the output of the ground polygons wizard to prevent suppression of autogen by … Continue reading Ground polygons and autogen

The past FSWeekend

This weekend it was the yearly FSWeekend again the Aviodrome aviation museum in Lelystad. I was there at both the FSDeveloper and NL2000 stand. I think it was a good event again, with a lot of people visiting, especially on the Saturday. It was always nice to talk with the users of the NL2000 scenery and to answer their questions. In the FSDeveloper stand we demonstrated the usage of SketchUp. It was interesting to see that many people knew about SketchUp or had even tried it before. But most of them were not yet aware of the possibility to use it for … Continue reading The past FSWeekend

Duplicate attached objects

This evening I was working on a bug in the NL2000 scenery, the lighthouses did not have a light at night. It seemed that during the conversion to the FSX MDL format the attached effect was lost. Since adding I am too lazy to add all those effects by hand again, I added two new features to ModelConverterX. You can now duplicate an attachpoint in the attached object editor. This can be useful if you need one attachpoint for day and night and another for dusk and dawn. In the effect parameter editor I have also added two more buttons … Continue reading Duplicate attached objects

NL2000 v4.0 release

Over the last three years the NL2000 team has been working hard on making their scenery compatible with FSX and many improvements have been made to the scenery during these years as well. Tonight was finally the moment of the release, the new version is now available for downloading. Given the huge size of 32 GB don’t hold your breath while downloading. You can find all details here. Compared to the previous version I design less parts of the scenery myself. My involved was mainly with technical advice and with converting objects to the FSX format. In the end that … Continue reading NL2000 v4.0 release

Abcoude church in FSX

And here is a screenshot of the church made with SketchUp in FSX. It has been converted with ModelConverterX and is showing on the NL2000 v4 scenery. I am not completely satisfied with the textures yet, they seem a bit too light when viewed in FSX, so I think I will change them a bit. Oh, and don’t expect to find this object in the coming NL2000 v4 release, since I am too late now to still add it. We are already further in the testing and release process.

Where did March go?

I made my last blog post at the beginning of March and now it seems the month is almost over already. Where did all that time go? I guess it is partly because it has been quite a busy month at work and I also spend some time on finally finishing our wedding photo album. But there is also some progress on FS related issues. I have slowly been working on ModelConverterX, mainly looking at the drawcall minimizer. And it seems just the other day some issue appeared concerning the materials in the FSX MDL format. I am looking into … Continue reading Where did March go?