FSWeekend 2009

Time for a little update. This weekend was the annual FSWeekend in the Netherlands again, and I was present there on behalf of NL2000 and FSDeveloper. For NL2000 this was certainly not the first time we were there and it was a lot of fun to meet all those users of our scenery again. There are people you see almost every year at the weekend. For FSDeveloper it was the first time we were (a bit) visible at the event. Due to the more technical nature of the FSDeveloper community there was maybe a little less interest, but hopefully it … Continue reading FSWeekend 2009

Using my own tool

In the last week I did not do so much development on the ModelConverterX tool. The main reason for that was that I was actually using the tool myself. In the NL2000 project we have a collection of hundreds API macros that are positioned through the entire country of the Netherlands. It would be a lot of work to replace all of these objects, which we have build in the 10 years that the team exists, with new GMax made objects in the FSX MDL format. So therefore I have used the ModelConverterX tool to convert them all. While working … Continue reading Using my own tool

NL2000 GMax course

On July 4th 2009 the Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design Team will be organising a one day GMax course. The aim of this course is to let new developers who might be interested in designing their own scenery as a part of the NL2000 team try for a day, with the guidance of the current team members. There is no obligation to join afterwards, although we would be happy with some extra members to build more objects. So if you are interested, have a look at the NL2000 website for more details. Oh and maybe it is good to mention that … Continue reading NL2000 GMax course

ModelConverterX magic

The last few days I have been working hard on improving the ModelConverterX tool again. Some other members of the Netherlands 2000 Scenery Design team were busy trying to convert some of the old API macros in the project to new FSX MDL files, so they provided me with a fresh stream of bugs. While testing one ship object I came to an interesting conclusions, illustrated by the screenshot below. In the screenshot you see the ship in ModelConverterX in the top left corner. On the right you see it twice in FSX. The ship at the back is the … Continue reading ModelConverterX magic

NL2000 version 3

As you might have read on the internet already, the new version of the [NL2000] scenery has been released. This latest release is for Fs2004 and again covers the entire country, with all its airports. The main difference is that this time the entire country has been filled with 1 meter per pixel photo scenery, hence the big download size of around 22 GB. Personally I am very happy that this scenery has finally been released. Not because that means that the scenery is ready, but because that means I can now finally spend all my time on FsX. I … Continue reading NL2000 version 3

Slooooooooow compilation

In my last blog post I mentioned that the new [FwTools] version had solved most of the problems I had with my markings compiler. That is true, but it also turned out that the speed of the compiler had not improved. Let me take the center lines of Schiphol airport as an example. I finally figure out how to compile them without errors into a good looking scenery. But I should mention that there are about 13000 line segments that make up the marking on the entire airport. The tool I wrote combines these segments into LOD grids and also … Continue reading Slooooooooow compilation

I can’t see more gates anymore

Finally I have the time again to make a more serious blog post here. You might be wondering what I have been up to lately? It has been mainly the [NL2000] scenery project that kept me busy. We are currently finishing the beta version of our next release and for the scenery of Schiphol airport I had promised to make nicely animated gates. A while ago I already made some posts on mathematical calculations I was trying to make to calculate how a gate should animate to dock to a certain type of aircraft. I have now finished this tool … Continue reading I can’t see more gates anymore

Apron markings preview

A few days ago I posted about the apron markings I was working on and it works out quite nice I must say. For example, the performance has increased compared to the previous markings that were placed with Fs2000 style roads. And due to the way I generate these polygons now, the connection between the different line segments is also better (no gaps anymore). Below you find two screenshots of these markings, to show you all what I am talking about. This is not yet the final version, as I still need to optimize things like the line width and … Continue reading Apron markings preview