FSWeekend wrap-up

So this weekend was the annual FSWeekend in the Netherlands again. Just like the last couple of years I was present again at the NL2000 and FSDeveloper booth. It is always amazing to see in how many ways people can enjoy their flight simulation hobby. It ranges from flying in clubs to building cockpits at home, making addons and much more. And this weekend is not only about Microsoft Flight Simulator, Falcon 4, X-Plane and FlightGear were also well represented again. The best part of the event is probably talking to all the visitors. After so much online contact, it … Continue reading FSWeekend wrap-up

FSWeekend presentations

I made a mistake in my last blog post about our SketchUp presentation at FSWeekend. We will not be giving this presentation on both days, but only on the Saturday. On the Sunday there are some other interesting presentations. Below is the complete schedule of all presentations. Hope to see you there! Saturday 11:00 – 12:00 – Geert Rolf – Rebuilding a real Flight Simulator, an overview of 3 years work at the Norwegian DC-10 (in English)   13:00 – 14:00 – Joop Mak – The history and development of the NL2000 scenery (in Dutch)  15:00 – 16:00 – Arno Gerretsen and Francois … Continue reading FSWeekend presentations

Learn about SketchUp at FSWeekend 2011

This year I will be attending the yearly FSWeekend event at Lelystad again. Just like in previous years you will be able to find me at the NL2000 / FSDeveloper stand. This year I will be there together with Francois Dumas (from FSAddon and much more) and we will be showing you have much fun it is to make scenery with Google SketchUp. Every day we will give a presentation at 15:00 as well, where we will give you a crash-course to get started with SketchUp. So always wanted to add your own house to FS? Make sure to visit … Continue reading Learn about SketchUp at FSWeekend 2011

The past FSWeekend

This weekend it was the yearly FSWeekend again the Aviodrome aviation museum in Lelystad. I was there at both the FSDeveloper and NL2000 stand. I think it was a good event again, with a lot of people visiting, especially on the Saturday. It was always nice to talk with the users of the NL2000 scenery and to answer their questions. In the FSDeveloper stand we demonstrated the usage of SketchUp. It was interesting to see that many people knew about SketchUp or had even tried it before. But most of them were not yet aware of the possibility to use it for … Continue reading The past FSWeekend

FSWeekend, FSDeveloper & SketchUp

Like last year FSDeveloper will be present at the upcoming FSWeekend event. It is the biggest Flight Simulation event in the world and will be organised on November 6 & 7 in the Aviodrome aviation museum at Lelystad airport. This year our special theme will be the usage of SketchUp for modelling scenery objects for FSX. We will have a one or two computers available, so that you can give SketchUp a go at the event! And of course some users from the community will be available to give you a hand if needed. If you bring some reference material … Continue reading FSWeekend, FSDeveloper & SketchUp