Library Creator XML 3.0 beta available

A first release of the new Library Creator XML 3.0 is now available, you can get it as part of the development releases of my tools. The main changes are in the user interface, I hope the tool is even easier to use. Another reason for the changes is that with the changes I made now it will be easier to add new features in the future. One feature high on my list is being able to import a library from BGL. So that will come in a future update. I made a quick video to illustrate the new version: … Continue reading Library Creator XML 3.0 beta available

Saving your library

One of the items I am changing in the new Library Creator XML 3.0 is how you save your library. Before you had to save the XML and compile the library to a BGL. Now those two actions are combined in one form that saves your library. You can choose if you want to save BGL, XML or both. Below you see the current version of this save library form. I am still tuning the user interface a bit, so in the released version there are probably some small changes. The good news is that the first (beta) release of … Continue reading Saving your library

Library Creator XML 3.0

I am working on an updated version of Library Creator XML. Not that there is much wrong with the current version, but I would like to add a few new features. And to be able to add them easier I decided that I would first cleanup and optimize the current code a bit. So that’s what I am doing at the moment. I will also give the tool a new user interface that is more in line with my recent tools. Below you see a first screenshot of this new user interface. So what kind of features do I plan … Continue reading Library Creator XML 3.0

Integrate ModelConverterX and Library Creator XML?

It has been suggested multiple times that it would make sense to integrate Library Creator XML and ModelConverterX into one tool. I agree that this would make sense, but I would like to have your thoughts on how the combined tool should ideally work. So do you have some thoughts on this, please let me know in this discussion thread.

Library Creator XML update

I have just released a small update for Library Creator XML. In version 2.0.3 the following changes have been made: Added: option to export TXT file with GUIDs and names Added: option to export SBuilderX style TXT file Fixed: bug that last object was not showing when scrollbar visible Fixed: bug with incorrect FS2004 GUID being generated sometimes You can get the new version from the FSDeveloper downloads section.

Small Library Creator XML update

I have just released a small update of Library Creator XML. This new version has one new feature, the ability to copy the GUID of a selected object to the clipboard, so that you can paste it into some XML code or another tool more easily. Besides that I fixed some problems. For example a crash that happened when you compiled a BGL that FsX still had locked or a GUID reading problem for FsX objects, which caused problems with the API, SBuilder and Rwy12 export functionality.

Library Creator XML 2.0.1 released

Finally I have been able to officially release the new version of Library Creator XML that I have been talking about a lot lately. Check this thread in the forum for all the details. This new tool is the first tool that I have written in C#, before I mainly used VB6. Although Library Creator XML is not a very complex tool of course, I think it was a nice project to get more used to the new language. I feel that I am more comfortable with C# now, so that allows me to move on to more complex tools. … Continue reading Library Creator XML 2.0.1 released

Did you say manual?

I know some time has passed since I said that I would make a manual for Library Creator XML 2.0. But the good news is that I actually started doing so today. So once that is ready, you can expect a non beta release of this new version, as it seems quite stable at the moment. I just also mention that this weekend I found a bug in the tool, sometimes the new GUIDs for Fs2004 MDL files are not determined correctly. This results in compilation error, but has been fixed now. So with the next release you will get … Continue reading Did you say manual?

Announcing a new build

Just a quick note to let you know that the new Library Creator XML 2.0 build I talked about a few days ago, has been posted to the forums. Check out this thread from more information and to download the latest version.  

What will the new Library Creator XML 2.0 build bring?

This night I made some nice progress again on the next alpha build of Library Creator XML 2.0. I have mainly been focussing now on the features to make the tool more user friendly to use. So for example I have coded the part again that shows the 8 most recent library XML files that you opened. So that you can much faster reload them. Another item on my todo list is to detect changes being made. So that the user can be asked if he wants to save these changes when he quitst the tool without first saving his … Continue reading What will the new Library Creator XML 2.0 build bring?