Library Creator XML 2.0, a new build

I have just uploaded a new build of Library Creator XML 2.0 alpha to the forums. In this latest build I have added back most of the functions that are available in the 1.0 version. Only the Rwy12 export is still missing, I will try to add that again in the next build. But I have also added some completely new functionality. You can now drag and drop your MDL files onto the tool from Windows Explorer. This makes it even easier to add objects to your object library. So check out this latest version and as soon as I … Continue reading Library Creator XML 2.0, a new build

Library Creator XML 2.0 alpha

I have made an alpha version of the new Library Creator XML version 2.0 available at the FsDeveloper forums. So if you want a GUI to create your FsX object libraries, give it a try! And as it still is an alpha version I can’t promise that it will be bug free.  

Library Creator XML 2.0

Today I started coding on the update to make Library Creator XML fully compatible with FsX. Or actually I should say that I started with this new version from scratch, using C# this time. As Library Creator is not a very complex tool, I have been able to get a lot done in just one day. And this was also a good exercise in making a GUI with C# (and I can say I like it a lot). Compared to the current version of Library Creator XML expect the following new features: MDL files will be checked to see if … Continue reading Library Creator XML 2.0