RGB reader updated

I have made some updates to the RGB texture loader of ModelConverterX. The first one is a bug fix for textures that are not square and the second one is added support for RLE compression in the RGB textures. With this the most commonly used RGB textures should be read by ModelConverterX. For those not familiar with RGB textures, this is a texture format designed by SGI that is usually used for OpenFlight models. So with this expansion of the RGB texture loader it should be even easier to convert your OpenFlight models to FSX or Prepar3D. The mass texture … Continue reading RGB reader updated

Basic version OpenFlight reader available

Yesterday I already wrote about the OpenFlight reader for ModelConverterX. Today I have been testing this new reader with some additional models and I have just added the functionality to the development release. So from tomorrow you can give it a try. Besides the models I exported from ModelConverterX itself, I also tried it with some sample models I found on the internet. As you can see in the picture below these also import now. I called it a basic version because I know there are still some OpenFlight nodes that will not work correctly. The most important of these … Continue reading Basic version OpenFlight reader available

OpenFlight reader

I have a list of feature requests for ModelConverterX, some items on this list have a higher priority than others. But as it goes with priorities they sometimes suddenly change a bit. For example I was planning to finish the Ground Polygon Wizard first, by adding support for seasonal textures. But some activities at work meant that the OpenFlight reader, which was almost at the bottom of the list, suddenly got more priority. So this weekend I started to implement this new reader for ModelConverterX. At the moment I have the basics working, as you can see in the picture … Continue reading OpenFlight reader

OpenFlight exporter for ModelConverterX

I can remove the first item from my “what I would like to do during the Christmas vacation” list. Today I finished the OpenFlight exporter functionality of the ModelConverterX tool. With this functionality it is possible to save the loaded objects in the OpenFlight format that is often used in image generators of professional flight simulators. The object shown in the picture below is an old API macro of a museum that I exported to OpenFlight and then loaded into OpenSceneGraph to visualize it.   The exporter is not yet perfect of course, it only supports static objects at the … Continue reading OpenFlight exporter for ModelConverterX

Day 5: DevCon 1st day

 So today was the first day of the DevCon, my main purpose of this travelling. On this blog I can not talk about all the actual stuff being discussed there, as we are under NDA for that. But I certainly did meet a lot of interesting people. I am sure I will forget to mention somebody here, so sorry if I forgot you. For example I met Bob Bernstein and Bill Womack, two people I know for years already from different internet fora for scenery designers. It was really nice to talk with them in person. I also met different … Continue reading Day 5: DevCon 1st day


I want to start with a little warning. I am afraid this post is going to be rather long, so if you are already desperately in need of coffee now, you’d better get a cup before reading the rest of this. So what is this OpenFlight you are talking about you might think? OpenFlight is not some sort of open source Flight Simulator or so. No it is a very common format to store your scenery in, for professional flight simulators. In this article I want to talk about the similarities between this format and the BGL format of Flight … Continue reading OpenFlight