First version FXEditor released

I have just released the first beta version of the new FXEditor tool. With this tool you can edit the special effects of FS and it gives you an interactive preview while you are editing the effect. On FSDeveloper I have opened a new support forum for this tool. Especially take a look at the general information topic there, since it tells you where to download the tool and where to find the manual. Make sure that you set the path to your FS version in the options before using the tool, as else certain parts will not work correctly. … Continue reading First version FXEditor released

FXEditor preview video

Here is a quick preview video of the new FXEditor currently under development. I still need to make it a little more robust, but this should give you an idea of what is coming. [View:]

Special effects getting out of control!

I still remember how this started. I had made a video tutorial about adding effects to an object using ModelConverterX. One of the remarks on that tutorial was like “he would it not be nice if we can see the actual effect in the preview as well?”. Well, why not I thought, it should be fun to try to render the effects as well. So from that moment on the idea was spinning around somewhere in the back of my head. I actually started coding it when I got back from vacation and after not that long I can render … Continue reading Special effects getting out of control!