FSWeekend wrap-up

So this weekend was the annual FSWeekend in the Netherlands again. Just like the last couple of years I was present again at the NL2000 and FSDeveloper booth. It is always amazing to see in how many ways people can enjoy their flight simulation hobby. It ranges from flying in clubs to building cockpits at home, making addons and much more. And this weekend is not only about Microsoft Flight Simulator, Falcon 4, X-Plane and FlightGear were also well represented again. The best part of the event is probably talking to all the visitors. After so much online contact, it … Continue reading FSWeekend wrap-up

Adding objects to FlightGear

This evening I took my first (baby) steps into scenery design for FlightGear. Having done scenery design for Microsoft Flight Simulator for such a long time, it takes a little time to get used to the differences. Let me start with the good news, in the end I was able to see my objects. In this blog I will describe some of the things I came across. Getting the objects in a format that FlightGear can read was quite easy. I was using two models I had made before for FSX. So I just imported their MDL files into ModelConverterX, … Continue reading Adding objects to FlightGear

AC3D support in ModelConverterX

I have added support for a new format to ModelConverterX today, this new format is the AC3D format. It is commonly used by FlightGear for aircraft and scenery models. In the next development release you will find a reader and writer for the AC3D format. There are a number of limitations at the moment: Shaded objects are not being read or written correctly. This is because the format does not directly store the normals of the polygons, but only if it is smooth shaded or not. I am still figure out how to interpret this correctly in ModelConverterX. Only geometry is read … Continue reading AC3D support in ModelConverterX

FlightGear on FSDeveloper

Last week we opened forums to discuss X-Plane development on FSDeveloper. And this week we have added a new subforum again, this time to discuss development for the open source FlightGear simulator. So from now on you can also discuss development of scenery or aircraft for FlightGear on FSDeveloper, we hope you enjoy those new forums.