First beta Animation Tweaker available

I have just put the first version of the Animation Tweaker in the ModelConverterX development release. You will find it in the Wizards menu. This first version can do two things (or actually it does those two automatically to all files you process with it): Make FS2004 animations with more than 1024 frames Update the animation to use local variables As input to the wizard you should use FSX MDL files. I did test this new function with some test files here, but please let me know if you have issues with your files. It is a first beta, so … Continue reading First beta Animation Tweaker available

The CAT is not dead

One of the first tool I made for scenery designers was the Conditional Animation Tool, CAT. The first version of this tool was released in 2003 and I mainly started making it because I grew tired of tweaking animations by hand (and I got tired of explaining people how to tweak them by hand). After the release of FSX, the development on CAT sort of stopped. The new native FSX format does not allow that kind of tweaking and for FS2004 the tool had most needed functionality already. But since then there is another kind of animation tweak that I … Continue reading The CAT is not dead

A mention of the CAT

At the beginning of this week a colleague entered my office and told me that I had been mentioned in an article he read. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. It appeared he had been reading the latest issue of PC Pilot and in their article about the realism of scenery for Flight Simulator they had an interview with the developer of the London Heathrow X scenery. When talking about the tools used they mention:  “Besides the 3D modelling programme, you need a lot of other FS-related software for the AI-traffic (AFCAD), tweaked animations … Continue reading A mention of the CAT

My tools in FsX

With the release of FsX coming closer now, I think it is time to give a little bit of information about how my tools will (or will not) work together with this new version. Please note that these observations are based on the beta version, so some things might still change a bit. Library Creator XML and ObPlacer XML Scenery created with these two tools basically still seems to work fine (apart from some issues in the beta that are hopefully fixed by now). There are some minor changes in the BGLComp XML format, so I might make an update … Continue reading My tools in FsX

CAT is "fixed"

The CAT headache is solved for now, as I have released a new version. As I already wrote about before, this new version does also support the ASM source files created with FSDS3. Although both GMax and FSDS3 use MakeMDL to export and create the ASM file, there was a little structure difference. I have learned CAT these differences now, so that both formats are supported. But the other problem Nick and I found while debugging a few days ago was more difficult to solve. Actually I could not really solve it, I could only add an option that gives … Continue reading CAT is "fixed"

CAT headache

Version 1.02 of CAT is get closer to release again. This evening I had a good debugging session with Nick on a bug he had since CAT 1.01. I finally was able to reproduce his animation condition problem. Basically the problem means that the local variables used to store the animation state are shared between all copies of the object you place. So now that the animation condition works on the animation trigger (to make sure you get a nice reverse animation when the condition is no longer true), this means that multiple placements of the same object will block … Continue reading CAT headache

The CAT has grown a bit

Until now CAT was only a tool for users of GMax, but now that FSDS3 is also using MakeMDL it is time to change that. In theory the ASM sources file created by MakeMDL when exporting from FSDS3 should work right away with CAT. But of course the reality is that there are a few minor differences in the structure of the source code. I have now figured out what these differences are and I am patching CAT to understand both “formats” of the ASM file. So expect an updated version of CAT soon, that will also allow FSDS3 user … Continue reading The CAT has grown a bit