Performance indicator render mode

I have added a new experimental render mode to ModelConverterX. This mode gives the object a colour based on the amount of texture vertices at a certain location. So this mode should help you to see where your object can be optimized further to increase performance. I have made a quick video to demonstrate it, since this is tricky to explain in words: [View:] When analyzing the result keep in mind that this is calculated per modelpart. So where two different parts, with different material, meet, you will not see a higher texture vertex count. That is by design. As I … Continue reading Performance indicator render mode

DrawCallMonitor vs ModelConverterX

DrawCallMonitor is a tool I made some time ago to show statics about the amount of drawcalls, texture vertices and triangles used in a specific MDL file. Recently I have not updated this tool, because the Object Information form of ModelConverterX gives the same information. But is this information really the same? While discussing how to minimize texture vertices with Lefteris recently we found out that the information shown by the two tools is not the same. So the obvious question then is which one can I believe more? Given the way the tools are implemented I would say DrawCallMonitor … Continue reading DrawCallMonitor vs ModelConverterX

An undocumented XtoMDL parameter

At the FSDeveloper forum there was a question about the size of crashboxes in FSX. These are often not so accurate around your object and that can give trouble with the aircraft crashing too early. So the question was how to change that? I did not know the answer, but I found it. There is an undocumented option in XtoMDL that lets you specify the granularity of the crashboxes. /CRASHGRANULARITY:1.0 That’s the additional parameter you can specify for XtoMDL. The granularity seems to be given in meters. If you don’t specify this option you get a crashbox of 8x8x8 cells. … Continue reading An undocumented XtoMDL parameter

Seasonal textures in the Ground Polygon Wizard

About a week ago I already wrote about the new functionality I was working on for the ModelConverterX Ground Polygon Wizard. Now I have finished it and from tomorrow it is available in the development release. Since there is no manual for this tool yet, let me explain how to add night textures or seasonal textures to your ground polygons while converting. Most of the process has not changed. So you still select the file you want to import. The gridview in the middle will then show all materials found in your object. In this view you will see two … Continue reading Seasonal textures in the Ground Polygon Wizard

Creating ground polygons for FSX with SketchUp

Over the last days I have been working on the Amsterdam Heliport for the NL2000 scenery. One of the tasks I did was to update the ground polygons of this scenery. Instead of using GMax for this, I decided to give SketchUp a try. In this blog post I will give an overview of my experiences. Pros If you use the SketchUp feature to load a background image from Google Earth it is easier to position your ground polygons at the right location in the world. When you draw another polygon in SketchUp that is on top of an existing … Continue reading Creating ground polygons for FSX with SketchUp

Autogen suppression

In the previous post about the ground polygon wizard of ModelConverterX I already mentioned that the tool also helps to prevent the exclusion of autogen by your  ground polygons. I forgot to post some screenshots to illustrate this with that post, so here they are. They show Gilze Rijen airport in the Netherlands as developed by the NL2000 team. And you can clearly see what the benefit is of having autogen on the airport as well.

Ground Polygon Wizard available

I have just released a new version of ModelConverterX. The big change in this new release is that the ground polygon wizard is now included. Before I will go into the details of how to use this wizard, let’s first take a look at the problems it is trying to solve. When creating ground polygons scenery designers usually encounter these problems:   You need the FS2002 gamepack, since that is still the preferred way to create ground polygons. Some of the files of the gamepack are only on the FS2002 Pro disks, which means you have to find all kind of work … Continue reading Ground Polygon Wizard available

Improved LOD Creator functionality

Over the last days I worked on the ModelConverterX LOD Creator tool. My first aim was to add another algorithm to calculate the LODs. And besides that I also improved the user interface a bit. On the right you see a screenshot of the new user interface and since the manual is not yet updated, I will give a brief overview of the changes here. The selection box at the top right allows you to choose between the different algorithms that are available. At the moment you can choose either vertex clustering or quadratic based error. The last one is … Continue reading Improved LOD Creator functionality

Ever since I started making scenery for Flight Simulator, you could get almost any tool you wanted using That site provided a great overview of tools and tutorials for scenery designers. Sadly last week the site went offline. This did not come as a huge surprise, since the owner Tom Gregor had already indicated before that running the site was becoming to expensive. After this message the FSDeveloper admins already contacted Tom Gregor to see if we assist in some way. We do have his permission to keep the tools and tutorials alive on FSDeveloper and we also have … Continue reading