New blog

I know this blog has not been very active in the last few months, but I haven’t stopped blogging. I hope to be able to post some interesting updates soon. I have however decided to move my blog to another site. So please update your bookmarks, from now on my blog is found at All the old posts have been migrated already. So hope to see you there again!

Yes this blog is still alive

Just to let you know this blog is still alive. Just recently I did not have too much time to post interesting things here. But that does not mean I haven’t been (silently) working on new things. Here are some of the things I have been working on recently and once they are finished you will read more about them on this blog as well: Improving the reading of aircraft MDL files in ModelConverterX, especially when it comes to the animations of the aircraft. Improving the ModelConverterX preview. I have been experimenting with using shaders and that seems to be … Continue reading Yes this blog is still alive

Happy 2012!

I would like to wish everybody a happy 2012! Let’s hope this is going to be an interesting year again for FS addon developers. I think the signs are quite good, with Microsoft Flight around the horizon and X-Plane 10 as a promising platform as well. Let’s see where that all goes during this year. As usual I am also full of ideas for my own tools. I hope to continue the experimentation with scenProc and autogen for example. And also for ModelConverterX there are loads of ideas left on my wishlist and I would like to release a new … Continue reading Happy 2012!

Christmas wishes

Christmas is approaching quickly, so I would like to wish everybody a merry Christmas. I hope you’ll have a great time. We’ll be visiting some family, so no FS development for the next couple of days.

Quite some news

I haven’t posted much to this blog recently, because some other things kept me busy. Had a business trip for work, spend some time preparing for the Sinterklaas celebration tradition we have in the Netherlands, etc. But there has been quite some exiting news recently that I want to share with you all. Flight beta Microsoft has announced that the beta testing of Microsoft Flight will start next month. That’s interesting news, let’s hope it will be a good platform for addon developers again. The even better news is that you can apply now to be part of the beta testing. So … Continue reading Quite some news

Back from Slovenia

The last two weeks I have on vacation, camping in Slovenia, but now I am back home again. I am still in the progress of cleaning, unpacking and storing all the camping stuff. But once that is done I hope to spend some time on flight sim things again. I have some cool features for ModelConverterX that I want to work on and of course I need to catch up with the FSDeveloper forum as well. So expect some more activity from me again in the next few days. The image below is lake Bled in Slovenia where we spend … Continue reading Back from Slovenia

How to deviate from your roadmap…

I usually keep a list of bugs and features that I want to work on first for ModelConverterX. This is sort of my roadmap to the next stable release. But as it goes with a hobby project like this, sometimes the fun things push you away from the planned roadmap. Let me give you an example. Last week I made a video tutorial about placing effects using ModelConverterX. In some of the discussion that evolved after this a user, I won’t say it was you Bill, mentioned that it would be cool to have the actual effect also displayed in … Continue reading How to deviate from your roadmap…

Time for a blog post

Yes, I am still updating this blog. We are back from vacation for one and a half week already, but I haven’t had the time yet to write on this blog. I guess me writing about bad news just before the vacation was not such a good idea either, because the vacation also started with some bad news. They had some trouble with the snow in London Heathrow and cancelled our flight. Luckily they could rebook us on another flight just a day layer, so it did not influence the vacation too much. So after being away from home (and flight simulator) … Continue reading Time for a blog post

ProFlightSim – a warning

You might have read this on other blogs already. For example Francois and Lefteris wrote about this already, but I feel it is too important to not repeat it here as well. There is a “new” flight simulator that is being marketed currently. The ads promise that it is the best out there and even beats FSX. Did we all miss some new development or is there another side of the story? It turns out that this “new” simulator is actually a commercial version of FlightGear. So the marketing is a bit misleading, to say the least. Be aware of … Continue reading ProFlightSim – a warning

Back from Greece

We are back from our trip to Greece. We arrived in Athens and stayed there for a day and a half. That was just enough time to visit the Acropolis and do some site seeing in the old part of town. We also enjoyed a dinner together with Lefteris and his wife one evening. Great fun to meet in person again after all the virtual discussions. Next we took the ferry to the island of Naxos where we stayed a couple of days. We just did you walking and drove around the island one day. You could clearly see that the end … Continue reading Back from Greece