Quick status update on the different projects

Here is a quick status update for some of the projects I am working on. I know I have not blogged much recently. That is mainly because it is quite busy at my work recently, so that affects the amount of free time a bit. Unfortunately I don’t expect this will change very soon. In order of priority the projects have for me at the moment, these are some of the things I am working on: SketchUp tutorial At the FSWeekend in November there will be a FSDeveloper stand again (like last year). This year I plan to let visitors … Continue reading Quick status update on the different projects

Where did March go?

I made my last blog post at the beginning of March and now it seems the month is almost over already. Where did all that time go? I guess it is partly because it has been quite a busy month at work and I also spend some time on finally finishing our wedding photo album. But there is also some progress on FS related issues. I have slowly been working on ModelConverterX, mainly looking at the drawcall minimizer. And it seems just the other day some issue appeared concerning the materials in the FSX MDL format. I am looking into … Continue reading Where did March go?

Jetlag almost gone

We are back home for a few days now, after enjoying a two week vacation in California. We had a lot of fun there and now that the jetlag is almost gone, it is time to spend some time on my FS tools again. Initially I plan to focus on ModelConverterX a bit more. I want to finish the function to minimize drawcalls and will try to fix some bugs in the COLLADA reader. Since my posts about using Sketchup it seems many people give it a try, and they find many new bugs as well. After that I want … Continue reading Jetlag almost gone

San Francisco here we come!

Just a quite note, at the moment we are packing our bags and tomorrow we are flying to San Francisco for a two week vacation. So that means no computer, no FSDeveloper, no email and no tool updates. I am looking forward to this break and hope to come back with many new ideas for tools like ModelConverterX and gPoly as well. So see you all in two weeks again.


A few weeks ago I read the book Free by Chris Anderson. In this book it is described how many companies (mostly on the web) nowadays can make money using free products. If I try to summarize it in my own words, the author is saying that since the cost of distribution of digital content is approaching zero, the price of such products seems to do the same. And therefore people have to look for other alternatives to earn their money. An example given is that many artists earn less from selling their records, but earn more from their concerts … Continue reading Free?


The last few days we were in Normandy, around Criel-sur-Mer. Just a few days away to relax a bit after a busy year and trying to think as little as possible about work or flight simulation. So when it was a nice and sunny day we decided to go for a walk along the coast and over the beautiful cliffs. And what do you think we stumbled upon during our walk? A nice little airstrip, on top of the cliff and quite close to the coast. I think the airstrip is used by a local flying club, probably with ultralights, … Continue reading Criel-sur-Mer

Best wishes

I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the coming holidays, I am sure I will. So don’t expect many tool updates in the next few days.

A too powerful tool?

A tool like ModelConverterX is very powerful in converting objects between different formats. But the fact that it can read BGL or MDL files as well also means it becomes relatively easy to import the work of somebody else into GMax and modify it to your needs. This gives some tension, on one hand you want to create a flexible for the users who is converting the work he has made and allow him to enjoy his old work in FSX. On the other hand you don’t want to encourage people to steal the work of others, manipulate it a … Continue reading A too powerful tool?

FSWeekend 2009

Time for a little update. This weekend was the annual FSWeekend in the Netherlands again, and I was present there on behalf of NL2000 and FSDeveloper. For NL2000 this was certainly not the first time we were there and it was a lot of fun to meet all those users of our scenery again. There are people you see almost every year at the weekend. For FSDeveloper it was the first time we were (a bit) visible at the event. Due to the more technical nature of the FSDeveloper community there was maybe a little less interest, but hopefully it … Continue reading FSWeekend 2009


You could say that recently unions have played a role in my life. First there has been my wedding one and a half week ago of course, forming a nice union between me and my wife. But that is not what I want to talk about in this blog post. I have also been working on some code that allows me to do boolean operations between polygons. This functionality is something that will come in handy when I start working on my new ground polygon tool, It can for example be used to automatically slice the polygons into piece of … Continue reading Unions